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The best way to get into Quinta do Vesúvio is taking the train from Douro, that railway almost touches the river. Arriving at the farm, you can visit the manor house, an impressive building and an architectural landmark in Douro, then take an appetizer with Port Wine, symbol of a region that Vesuvio’s farm preserve so well, producing the best Port wines.
The lunch is served in buffet (starters, main course and dessert), based on the national food (cod with cream or duck rice, cod salad). And, as expected, the wines from the farm will accompany the meal, where every detail of their history will be explained.
There will be time for a guided tour, by a local guide, explaining the legendary history of the farm, which was under the charge of D. Antonia Adelaide Ferreira , and was in 1989 , acquired by the Symington family. Since then, some of the greatest Vintage Ports of the Douro are produced here.
Price: 110 euros / person. For groups of 12 people: 100 €
Validity: all year
Duration: 5 to 6 hours
Meeting point: Vesuvio’s farm
Reservation and information: info@alltodouro.com. Mobile: +351 936825649
Conditions: Program available for 6 people. Reserve required, depending on the availability of the partner Miles Away.
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